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Indoor Air Quality in Raleigh

Providing a Healthy, Comfortable Living Environment

Dirt, dust, and other allergens easily get trapped in our homes and pollute our indoor air. In fact, many experts agree that indoor air is actually more polluted than the outside. If your allergies have been acting up or you’ve been feeling stuffy and sickly whenever you’re at home, turn to Thermo Direct for proven indoor air quality solutions. As your home comfort doctors, we are aware that the quality of the air you breathe plays a huge role in creating a healthy, comfortable living environment. That is why in addition to our top-notch heating and air conditioning work, we also provide services that can help improve indoor air quality.

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Our Trusted Air Quality Solutions

There are many factors that affect the quality of your indoor air such as proper ventilation, humidity level, presence of allergens and other particles, and more. When you reach out to us for an indoor air quality solution, we take the time to consider all these factors while conducting a comprehensive air testing. This test will allow us to identify the exact needs of your home and offer honest recommendations.

Below are some of our trusted air quality solutions:

  • Duct cleaning – Your ductwork is one of the most common areas in a home that traps dirt, dust, and allergens. To get rid of these pollutants, call us for detailed duct cleaning.
  • Air cleaners – If you or a family member has respiratory issues or allergies, having air cleaners can be a huge relief. These systems can filter out all the impurities in your air.
  • Insulation – Proper insulation can help control the air that slips into your home. By placing insulation where potential drafts usually occur, you protect your home from unwanted allergens or pollutants.
  • Humidity control – Increased humidity, especially in the summer, can bring many health problems. In addition to feeling muggy, too much humidity can bring about dehydration, heat exhaustion, fatigue, and even heat stroke.

Thermo Direct also offers weatherization services that can help improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency, and enhance comfort all year long.

Breathe Easy with Your Home Comfort Doctors

At Thermo Direct, we don’t just care about the health of your HVAC systems, we care about your well-being, too. With our heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services in Raleigh, you can rest easy knowing that we can bring you the healthiest and most comfortable living environment possible

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