The tighter your home is sealed and insulated, the more energy you save, but your indoor air quality in Cary, NC is likely to suffer. At Thermo Direct, we’ve studied this problem at length. Everything that gets into the air, from dust and pet dander to cigarette smoke and cleaning sprays, tends to linger, enter your ductwork intakes, and circulate over and over.

    Indoor Air Quality in Cary, NC

    This process also spreads mold and mildew spores, bacteria, and other organisms. Our air quality services can provide practical solutions that enhance your home’s air in Cary.

    Your Indoor Air Quality Professionals

    Chances are, you’re seeing the effects of recirculating air on your indoor air quality, as well as feeling them from breathing in contaminants. You’re cleaning the dust, scrubbing bathroom mildew growth, and perhaps already running a HEPA air filter unit in the bedroom. A few additions to your HVAC system can clean up the air, and with it your home and your lungs. We offer whole-house HEPA filtration units that attach to your air-handling equipment and process your airflow. Germicidal UV lamps block the growth capabilities of mold spores and bacteria along with other organisms. Air purifiers pull contaminants from the air as it flows through. A favorite is our humidifier and dehumidifier systems, which can maintain a consistent indoor moisture level all year, great for skin, breathing, wood furniture, and overall comfort.

    Our indoor air quality services include:
    • IAQ testing
    • Air filtration
    • Germicidal UV lights
    • Air purifiers
    • Humidifiers
    • Dehumidifiers

    Experienced Air Quality Services

    Experienced Air Quality ServicesAs with all our areas of HVAC expertise, at Thermo Direct we’ve trained our team to provide expert air quality services including testing and remediation. Offering affordable, efficient heating and cooling systems in Cary since 2000, we’re known for objective recommendations rather than “upselling.” The EPA has identified indoor air quality concerns as an important short and long-term health issue in homes and commercial buildings. We offer add-on features tailored to residential HVAC systems, including skilled installation and ongoing service along with your other heating and cooling components. These features are available at any time, including as part of a new equipment installation. Our budget-friendly, transparent pricing makes it easy to plan for better indoor air quality. Great reviews and an A+ BBB rating are two results of our honesty, integrity, and professionalism which customers recognize in Cary.

    Our team at Thermo Direct would be glad to help you learn more about our services for indoor air quality in Cary, NC. Call today!
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