Home Comfort Memberships

$16.50/mo OR $198/year
+ Tax

2 HVAC Tune-Ups, Cleaning, & Inspections Per Year

to make sure your HVAC systems is in great working order

Up to 50% Discount

on heating, air conditioning and electrical repairs

24-Hr. Priority Service Puts You First

for all routine and emergency services — you’ll be scheduled ahead of non-members

Never Pay a Dispatch or Diagnostic Fee

Just like that. No fees at all.

Workmanship Guarantee

2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty on All Recommended Repairs

Peace of mind

Relax. We’ll Contact You to Schedule Your Maintenance

Keep Your Home Healthy with a Comfort Dr. Rx Plan Near Raleigh, NC

Why? Because Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Believe it or not, regular HVAC maintenance pays off! Invest in your system and you’ll be protected year round. Get a Healthy Home Comfort Membership from Thermo Direct today.

Healthy Home Comfort Membership is our preventative maintenance membership program, where you shouldn’t have to wait until your HVAC unit breaks. With regular maintenance and tune-ups, you have the ability to catch problems early or before they escalate into large costly repairs. In this program, we will make sure that your HVAC unit is running at its best.

Thermo Truck

Call the Home Comfort Dr. today to join!

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