If you’ve been hearing a lot about IAQ in Winston Salem, NC, it’s because homeowners are noticing that modern homes often have air quality issues. These concerns may appear as less-than-fresh air with lingering odors, headaches and allergies, even the effects of cleaning sprays and dust remaining airborne.

    IAQ in Winston Salem, NC

    At Thermo Direct, we’ve been researching ways to address these challenges and provide air quality testing and indoor air improvement features for your HVAC system.

    Your IAQ Experts in Winston Salem

    The IAQ problems in your home begin with your heating and cooling system’s air circulation function. That’s also where the solution is, and where we can also combine any room-based comfort and air quality solutions you’re currently using. By inserting whole-house filtration, humidifier and dehumidifier functions, air purifier, and germicidal UV lamp technology into your airflow, we make a big difference. All the particles, pathogens, contaminants, and excessive moisture or dry indoor air pass into your HVAC equipment, and great indoor air comes back out. You’ll notice changes like reduced mold and mildew growth, less dust on furniture, fresher-smelling air, and even reduced symptoms. Air quality testing helps us determine which areas to prioritize, and you can determine the strategy you’d like us to implement for you. Our technicians install the equipment on your air handling system by the heating and cooling equipment, at your convenience or as part of new equipment installation.

    Our indoor air quality services include:
    • IAQ testing
    • Air filtration
    • Germicidal UV lights
    • Air purifiers
    • Humidifiers
    • Dehumidifiers

    Experienced Air Quality Testing

    Experienced Air Quality TestingAs your trusted local heating and cooling experts in Winston Salem, Thermo Direct has worked hard to provide affordable, energy-efficient comfort since 2000. We provide objective recommendations supported by data, not upselling, and offer budget-friendly, transparent pricing. Our customer service team is outstanding, and our technical experts are glad to provide the information you need about any HVAC topic. Our great reviews and BBB A+ rating along with company values that include honesty, integrity, and professionalism make us your best choice for heating and cooling. We train and research to stay ahead of IAQ and other HVAC topics, so we can bring the best comfort and healthy living to your family at home. Installation technicians make sure to arrive on time, work efficiently, and leave a clean workplace along with new air quality features to enjoy.

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