Regular leak detection in Raleigh, NC, is necessary to protect your home and prevent costly damage. An undetected leak, even a small one, can seep into the foundation and walls and weaken the structure. A leak in a sewer pipe will degrade and contaminate your yard.

The sewage will attract pests and rodents and affect your health. If the leak is in the water line, the water can get contaminated, and you risk getting sick. Not only that, leaky pipes can waste thousands of gallons of water each year. In the average household, this can account for up to 10 percent of the water bill. Water leaks are costly as well as potentially dangerous to your well-being.

But what about a leaky faucet? A faucet that leaks one drip per second wastes more than eight gallons of water a day. This is more than 3,000 gallons a year! A dripping faucet is not only costly, but the water will slowly corrode the metal and other materials. Depending on where the leaky fixture is, it will also damage its surroundings and cause rot and mold growth.

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