We spend a lot of time in our homes, so keeping the air in them fresh and clean is important. Thermo Direct can assist with IAQ in Chapel Hill, NC. We offer a variety of indoor air quality services including humidifiers and dehumidifiers, filters and purifiers to keep your home’s air pure.

    IAQ in Chapel Hill, NC

    IAQ Services in Chapel Hill

    Fresh, clean air is essential to your well-being. Well-ventilated homes can have good air quality, but poor ventilation can cause contaminants to build up, making the air stale. It’s particularly important for older people and those with respiratory conditions to pay attention to air quality. Filters, dehumidifiers, vents and UV lights to remove unwanted microorganisms can all help keep your air fresh.

    Our indoor air quality services include:
    • IAQ testing
    • Air filtration
    • Germicidal UV lights
    • Air purifiers
    • Humidifiers
    • Dehumidifiers

    At Thermo Direct we offer a variety of options for improving your home’s quality. We can perform IAQ testing to give you an idea of how clean your air is, and recommend the right solutions to improve your air quality. That could be humidifiers or dehumidifiers to keep the humidity stable, filters to remove particulate matter, or fans and vents to circulate the air properly.

    Whether you’re dealing with damp, high pollen counts, or a build-up of mold spores in your ductwork, we have the right solutions for your needs. Our team can suggest air quality solutions that can be installed with a minimum of fuss, giving rapid improvements in the freshness of the air inside your home.

    Trusted Indoor Air Quality Professionals

    Trusted Indoor Air Quality ProfessionalsAt Thermo Direct, we have many years of experience with home ventilation and air quality systems. Our team of professional heating and cooling technicians can help identify any problems with your residential air flow systems, and recommend affordable, reliable solutions. We offer free estimates and have same-day service availability in many areas so you won’t have to wait for an appointment. Our up-front pricing means you can feel confident there’ll be no surprises, and our high-tech solutions protect you from a variety of air quality issues.

    If you want to improve your IAQ in Chapel Hill, call our team at Thermo Direct today!
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