Conserving water is a great way to save money on your bills, and lots of homeowners in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas turn to Thermo Direct for advice. When we meet with customers to discuss their water conservation options, we frequently make the following recommendations.

Leak Detection

The best way to conserve water is to not lose it in the first place. If you’ve never had a plumber go through your home to detect water leaks, then it is wise to schedule a detection project now. Leaks are some of the most insidious water conservation problems because they’re often small and hard to locate. Drips can develop inside walls or floors, and many won’t even leave signs of staining if the house is dehumidified well enough. Consequently, a leak can potentially go undetected for decades.

Fortunately, our plumbers have numerous tools for leak detection. We can check the pressure variance from the meter to every outlet in the house. Even if there’s a tiny drip from a slightly loose fitting, we will work hard to identify and remedy the issue.

Adding Low-Flow Systems

Reducing the water flow from specific fixtures can make a notable difference, too. A low-flow faucet, for example, can reduce how much water goes down the drain between the time you start the faucet and the moment you turn it off. Low-flow models of showerheads and toilets can achieve the same level of utility without using as much water. In other words, you get all the benefits of conservation without needing to compromise on performance.

Insulating the Water Lines

People often expend significant amounts of water while they wait for it to heat up. Insulating the water lines in a house can reduce how cold the lines get. This ensures that the water doesn’t have to run as long to overcome the coldness of the line. Not only will you waste less water this way, but you’ll also be able to enjoy hot water for showers and baths sooner. Insulating the water lines is relatively cost-effective compared to many other conservation options, too.

Adjusting the Water Pressure Levels

Many homes have high water pressure levels. Consequently, the water can blast out even when someone is just trying to get a glass of water or fill a bucket. High water pressure levels tend to encourage waste because it’s difficult to capture all the water each time when you’re using the faucet. Also, the throughput each second is higher, and that means more water comes out when you’re taking a shower, washing your car, or watering your garden. Cutting down the pressure level will minimize waste.

A similar issue can occur if the water pressure level is low. Not getting enough water out of the system in a given time can lead to running the water longer. Showering may not be as effective, for example. In that scenario, many people take longer showers to get satisfactory results. Dialing up the water pressure level can make a major difference.


Mixing air into the water can improve the pressure while reducing the per-second throughput. An aerator is a system installed at a faucet or showerhead. It forces the water to take up more air, adding to the pressure level and reducing the amount of water coming out.

Installing a More Efficient Water Heater

Modern water heaters offer lots of ways to improve efficiency. Once more, this is a case when getting hot water to the rest of the house is the efficient solution. Tankless systems, for example, can deliver hot water on demand. Rather than waiting for the water to heat up and running it while you wait, you will get hot water immediately.

If you’re not prepared to install a new water heater, it’s a good idea to consider insulating the tank. This can keep the water warmer for longer, and that’ll still make it easier to get hot water from the faucet without running it for several seconds.

Smart Monitoring Systems

The advent of low-cost electronic controllers means that smart monitoring systems are now available to homeowners. An in-line system can monitor the water pressure levels to verify that there aren’t any leaks. The top-tier options even include smart valves. These are systems that monitor the water pressure and shut off the lines if they detect any leaks.

Notably, a smart monitor can make a huge difference in preventing waste if a water line breaks. Particularly if you go on vacation or are away on business frequently, a smart system provides an additional line of defense against a possible leak. The setup also offers an extra set of eyes on potential leaks, increasing the odds of detecting problems sooner.

Redesigning the Plumbing System

Many houses have unnecessary water lines or lines that could be shorter. Particularly if you have an older house, the lines will likely run in 90-degree angles because there weren’t simpler or better ways at the time to shorten those runs. The problem is that any additional length in the line increases the risk of a leak. Likewise, a long line is likely to cool more water. Once more, that encourages people to run the hot water longer to get it up to the desired temperature. A similar issue can occur if the hot water lines have to run along outside walls.

Fortunately, modern plumbing techniques allow us to tighten up many designs. Flexible lines are particularly useful for creating shorter runs and avoiding outside walls. They also allow plumbers to typically reduce the number of fittings in the system. With fewer joints, there will also be fewer spots for leaks to appear. Modern flexible lines are more corrosion-resistant, too. With less corrosion, there will be fewer places where the lines could fail.


Automated water faucets get a bad rap because many businesses use the systems to be stingy with water in bathrooms and break rooms. However, that merely demonstrates the effectiveness of automated faucets. Especially if you have young children in your house, an automated faucet can shut the flow off when it would otherwise keep running. This can minimize the risk that someone just forgets, too.

Plumbing Inspection

Finally, it is a good idea to schedule a plumbing inspection if it has been a while since you had one. Particularly if you’re looking at buying a house, an inspection if a great idea. You can identify potential issues and address them early, providing peace of mind.

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