Keeping a home heated during the cold months can be expensive, especially if you’re using an outdated thermostat. Smart thermostats claim they can save money, but is it true? Here’s what you should know about saving money with smart thermostats during the winter.

What Are Smart Thermostats?

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-enabled devices that monitor and adjust the temperature in your home. Most smart thermostats track temperature data to learn your preferences. They can even create a unique heating and cooling schedule that allows them to switch into energy-saving mode when you’re away.

You can control a smart thermostat using your phone, tablet, or other devices. You can adjust the temperature at any time and from anywhere. This also allows you to view the data your thermostat is collecting and make changes to its routine. This is particularly helpful during the Winter, as you can set the temperature lower while you’re away and then turn it back up before you come home.

How Do Smart Thermostats Help You Save Money in the Winter?

Simply put, a smart thermostat will keep the temperature as low as it can whenever possible during the winter. That means you’re not spending money heating your home to your ideal standard when you’re away.

If the thermostat’s estimation of when you’ll be home isn’t quite right, you can always turn up the temperature ahead of time using your smartphone.

How Much Will You Save?

While it’s hard to estimate what you’ll save with a smart thermostat, we have a rough idea. Smart home companies say that most customers see a 12% and 23% drop in what they’re paying for heating and cooling. Remember that these savings can vary depending on various factors, including the size of your home and how well it’s insulated.

Common Questions About Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are still relatively new technology, so don’t feel alone if you’re unfamiliar with them. Here are a few common questions people ask when making the switch.

Will a Smart Thermostat Work if the Power Goes Out?

Thanks to their batteries, some thermostats stay on when the power is out. However, as there’s no power to run the heater or AC unit, the thermostat can’t do much except wait for the ability to return.

Will a Smart Thermostat Work if the Wi-Fi Goes Out?

If your Wi-Fi goes out, your smart thermostat will switch to functioning like a regular thermostat. This means you can still use it to control your temperature settings; you’ll need to set them manually on the thermostat.

The thermostat won’t be able to use its smart features, such as scheduling, alerts, and app connectivity. These will turn back on when the Wi-Fi returns.

Does a Smart Thermostat Measure Humidity?

This will depend on what smart thermostat you have. Many of them can measure humidity through light and movement sensors. In some systems, this measurement is used to tell the HVAC system when the humidity is too high.

Will a Smart Thermostat Work in Every Home?

Smart thermostats aren’t compatible with every house. Generally, you’ll need a central HVAC system, a Wi-Fi connection, and a smart device to take advantage of a smart thermostat. A qualified technician can advise you on whether a smart thermostat is a suitable choice for you.

What Data Do Smart Thermostats Collect?

Smart thermostats measure various data to give you the best performance possible. This can include temperature, humidity, motion, and light. This data compilation allows the thermostat to design a schedule and to sense when the home is empty or occupied. Fortunately, it does not collect sensitive information about you or your home.

Do Smart Thermostats Have Batteries?

Smart thermostats either run off battery power or off your home’s wiring.

Are Smart Thermostats a Security Risk?

Smart thermostats don’t store valuable personal information, so there’s no risk of losing sensitive data.

Can Smart Thermostats Be Operated Manually?

Yes, you can manually operate your smart thermostat if you’d rather not use a device or if the Wi-Fi is out.

Can You Lock a Smart Thermostat?

Yes, you can lock your smart thermostat by going into the settings. Once you’ve created a PIN, you can lock or unlock it on the device itself or in the smart thermostat app.

How Many Smart Thermostats Do You Need?

Typically, you only need one smart thermostat. You can, however, have more than one if you’d like more control. In addition, some models of smart thermostats have devices that pair with them to monitor the temperature in specific rooms and adjust for comfort.

Do Smart Thermostats Raise the Value of Your Home?

All smart home updates raise the value of a home. A smart thermostat is estimated to increase the resale value by between 5% and 35%.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Control Different Rooms?

Smart thermostats have what’s called sensor-based zoning. This allows them to hone in on the temperature in a particular room and adjust it based on your preferences. This can be very helpful for those who enjoy a cooler bedroom or in households with varying temperature preferences.

Is It Okay to Cover up a Smart Thermostat?

No, covering any thermostat isn’t a good idea. You’ll be prevented from quickly accessing the system, which can reduce temperature sensing.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Smart Thermostat?

Your installation technician usually places your thermostat on an interior wall, away from direct sunlight. This is because you don’t want the sunlight tricking the thermostat into thinking the room is warmer than it is.

Do Smart Thermostats Have Monthly Fees?

This depends on what type you get. For example, some smart thermostats have free apps, while others charge you a subscription fee to control the device with your smartphone.

Do You Need a Professional to Install a Smart Thermostat?

It is highly recommended that you have a professional install your smart thermostat. This will ensure that it’s working correctly and isn’t an electrical hazard. Improper installation could lead to electrical shock, a blown fuse, or damage to your electrical system.

When Were Smart Thermostats Invented?

The first smart thermostat hit the market in 2007.

How Often Does the Battery Need to Be Changed?

If your smart thermostat is powered exclusively by a battery, it will need to be changed roughly once a year. If it’s connected to the electricity in your home, the battery will last longer as it will only be used during power outages.

Installing Your Smart Thermostat

If you’ve decided to go smart, it’s time to contact a professional. At Thermo Direct, we can help you every step of the way. We will answer your questions, help you choose the right system, and send one of our qualified professionals to install it. Our team offers a full range of heating, cooling, and electrical services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. We also provide indoor air quality solutions, crawl space sealing and installation, and ductwork services in Raleigh and the surrounding area. Give us a call today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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