Similar to an annual checkup on your body, your home deserves the same treatment. Whether it is spring, winter, fall or summer time, understanding the importance of preventive, home maintenance is crucial. Having a broken air conditioner or heater causes unnecessary stress on the unit, especially during the peak of any season. Do not fret, Thermo Direct is here to assist you.

Quality Control Measures
During your home performance audit, the professional will likely check a variety of areas in your home. These checks and recommendations will range from ductwork, caulking, insulation, sealing, programmable thermostats, cracks, and leaks.

Afterward, you will receive a thorough inspection checklist with suggestions. This will include information about your doors, windows, attics, pipes, outlets, air ducts, as well as, heating and air conditioning units. We recommend having an inspection performed twice a year, once during fall and again during spring. This will help us to ensure that all of the issues are discovered and addressed before temperatures rise or drop.

Weatherization Services
Our team understands improved efficiency and energy savings is every customer’s concern. Therefore, Thermo Direct takes pride in its budget-friendly estimates geared towards a working solution for everyone in Garner, North Carolina. Remember, it is always wise to identify issues before they occur to avoid hot, humid summers and cold, drafty winters. When prepared for the changing seasons, you can enjoy the various seasonal delights with the confidence of preparedness.

Available Home Maintenance Program Plans
We offer many different programs for your home maintenance. For example, join the Silver or Gold Membership program to receive discounts, biannual tune-ups, discounted or free diagnostic checkups, and express appointment slots. Simultaneously, we have exclusive offers with seasonal specials, available financing and monthly payment options for quality add-on indoor air products for whole-house air cleaning.

Call today to find out how your heater, air conditioner, ductwork, and air quality issues can receive a clean bill of health from The Home Comfort Doctor. At Thermo Direct we have over 20 years of experience, and we look forward to carefully addressing your concerns and questions. Your satisfaction rests upon our goal to proudly serve all of the Garner, North Carolina region.

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