At Thermo Direct, we consider ourselves to be one of the best HVAC companies in Raleigh, NC. As such, we know a thing or two about heating systems, and when it’s time to have them checked.

Around this time of year, there’s always a lot of buzz about furnace maintenance. The truth is – and there’s no question about it – a furnace must be checked annually, at a minimum, once every fall season to ensure it’s in proper functioning condition.

Here is why it’s important you have your furnace checked each year in the fall:
Reduces Costly Repairs

Having an annual inspection of your home furnace will save you from costly repairs down the road. Many, if not all, heating system problems can be easily avoided through regular inspections, so make sure you set up your fall appointment with Thermo Direct.

Saves Valuable Time

Having your furnace inspected in the fall means you’ll have a fully functioning and problem-free heating system going into the winter. If something happens to go wrong with your heating system in the winter because it wasn’t inspected in the fall, you’ll have to worry about being cold while your heater is repaired.

Keeps You and Your Family Safe

Most furnaces rely on fuel that includes one or a combination of the following to generate heat: natural gas, oil, or propane. The combustion process involves precise mechanisms that can result in a fire or leak if not executed exactly as it’s designed to. Having the furnace inspected ensures that nothing out of the ordinary is occurring during the combustion process, making it all the more safe for your family.

Ensures Proper Ventilation

When your furnace is checked by one of the professionals at Thermo Direct, we also check the ventilation system to be certain that everything is being ventilated properly. This is important because not only does the functionality of the heating system rely on the ability to push air out of the vents, it can also cause undue stress on the furnace, shortening its lifespan and causing it to fail sooner than it should.

We hope you take our advice seriously and schedule your furnace inspection with Thermo Direct as soon as possible, before the winter season hits. We offer the best HVAC service in Apex, NC, and that extends to our knowledge and ability to properly inspect your heating system.

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