There are many reasons to avoid doing any residential electrical work yourself, one of the most prominent reasons being the safety of yourself and those living in your home. Keep reading to learn more!

Residential Fire
Electrical work can be pretty confusing and complicated, and with the risk of sparks and fire, it’s a difficult task for a DIYer to take on. In fact, electrical equipment, faulty wiring, and lighting are consistently three of the top causes of residential fires. What makes DIY electrical work even more dangerous is the fact that the danger is usually not immediate. These issues can remain dormant for weeks or months before sparking and starting the fire.

Shock Hazards
Like we said above, fire hazards sometimes take months before actually becoming an issue. Unlike fire hazards, the possibility and effects of an electric shock are immediate. Additionally, there’s enough voltage in your home to be lethal, and if it doesn’t kill you, it will be incredibly painful. This is one reason that electricians have to go through years of training to learn how to deal with electricity safely for both their own health and for the homeowners.

Inspection Failures
This reason is less about safety than it is about making sure the work is done correctly. Because electricity can be so dangerous, there are a lot of regulations and restrictions on what is considered a correct and safe layout of wiring, outlets, equipment, and appliances. You could watch all of the youtube videos or read all of the books, and you likely will still not understand these codes as well as a professional.

This will ensure that everything is done correctly, both for your safety and so that you can pass any and all inspections and avoid complications when selling your home or possible heavy fines.

For all of your electrical questions and guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Thermo Direct. We would be happy to help make sure your electrical work is done correctly and safely!

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