Unforeseen bombshells are part of human life, but emergency furnace breakdowns are among the worst scenarios. Old and malfunctioning furnaces go off unexpectedly or make unbearable noises to signal the need for a replacement unit. Homeowners have the privilege to choose between brand-new and secondhand furnaces when shopping. Brand-new furnaces are costly but dependable, powerful, and energy efficient, qualities you won’t find in a used furnace. So, should you emphasize saving money over getting quality when deciding between a used and a new furnace? Consider all the facts.

Few HVAC Contractors Will Install a Used Furnace

HVAC contractors want to satisfy their clients, but they are wary of taking on some projects. Many heating and cooling contractors won’t accept the responsibility of installing a used furnace. Even the few contractors who might accept such a project will have mixed reactions. In many instances, HVAC contractors who accept such projects will charge exorbitant rates. In truth, no established HVAC contractor will enthusiastically launch into a project that involves installing a used furnace.

When installing furnaces and other HVAC products sourced from trusted distribution channels, heating and cooling contractors feel more protected. They also understand the kind of problems that may arise when they install a used furnace from an unknown source. In fact, many HVAC contractors source furnaces themselves from regional distributors or manufacturers. That way, there is accountability for everything if a mistake is made during installation or the unit doesn’t work. They know that manufacturers will support a new product.

In the case of a secondhand furnace, they don’t have any fallback position. A used furnace is far more likely to malfunction from the start, but there is no recourse. The seller and the homeowner might even accuse the technicians of damaging the equipment.

There are many pitfalls. Before installing a used furnace in order to save money on the initial procurement cost, think about the costs and disappointments that could await you.

Secondhand Furnaces Come Without a Warranty

Secondhand furnaces have a previous owner, and the circumstances under which the furnace found its way into a classified dealer’s store might not always be clear. In many instances, there is never any agreement to prove that the first owner consented to have the unit sold to another homeowner. That means the original buyer agreement, which was eligible for a manufacturer’s warranty, will no longer be accessible to the next person who purchases the equipment.

In rare cases when the seller has such an original buyer agreement, you’ll almost universally find that the warranty won’t transfer. Many furnace warranties have a declaration stating that the furnace can only qualify for warranty benefits if it is with the original owner and in the home where it was originally installed. Manufacturers simply don’t intend for their heating equipment to be moved to a second location. In simple terms, you’ll be buying a furnace that has already been in use for some time, may have seen better days, and has no warranty protection.

The manufacturer’s warranty is not the only issue here. The few HVAC contractors who agree to install used furnaces will never offer a labor warranty either. They have no way of knowing what kind of shape the equipment is in. Consequently, if you buy and install a used furnace, and it becomes faulty a few days after installation, the financial losses and costs will be on you.

It Affects the Value of Your Property

Homebuyers assess various things in your property before they consent to pay for it. One feature that they are very interested in is the state and quality of the HVAC system. A brand-new and highly efficient furnace enhances a property’s value. Prospective homebuyers are likely to pay more because of it. That won’t be the case if the home has a secondhand furnace a decade old. In fact, many homeowners will shy away from the purchase because of that one factor. Opting for a used furnace is a risk you shouldn’t take, even if you are not thinking of selling your home soon.

The Used Furnace Might Have Been Red-Tagged

Inspecting and maintaining furnaces is the responsibility of certified and licensed HVAC contractors. That is because they understand the laws that should be followed when deciding whether a unit is safe or not. When a licensed furnace specialist visits your home to inspect the old furnace you just installed and discovers that it has serious defects like electrical faults or a cracked heat exchanger, they are responsible for red-tagging it. In other words, if in their professional opinion, the equipment is unsafe to operate, they will curtail that operation. Essentially, the equipment is condemned.

This practice is in compliance with the law. Once it occurs, the gas or electricity utility provider will be informed of it. Power or fuel might even be shut off to the household if the appliance isn’t removed. When you consider all that, you have to ask yourself whether trying to save a few bucks by purchasing someone else’s old heating system is worth it. You can avoid such disappointments simply by getting a brand-new furnace from a trusted distributor.

The Continuing Costs Can Be Exorbitant

Installing a furnace with a history of serving another home before being brought back to the market will leave a deep hole in your bank account. You might pay 30% lower to secure the unit, but the amount you’ll lose to maintain the furnace will hit and exceed that 30% within a year or two. Besides the costly regular repairs to keep an inefficient system running, you’ll be dealing with increasing energy bills. You might even be facing poor performance and days in the cold.

Most used furnaces simply can’t meet the efficiency ratings recommended today. They’ll consume enormous amounts of energy to keep your home within a comfortable temperature range. Don’t be surprised if you find that your energy bills have gone higher by a large percentage immediately after you install a used furnace. Instead of dealing with those costs, why not buy a brand-new furnace from a trusted brand?

Furnace Experts You Can Rely On

When you buy that new furnace, it must be installed by a qualified and experienced HVAC contractor. For premium furnace or AC installation, repair, and maintenance services, you’ll want an outstanding company that has been in this industry for a while and that describes Thermo Direct. We’re a leading HVAC service provider, and our proficient NATE-certified technicians can deal with all makes, models, and brands of heating equipment. In addition, we handle heat pumps, boilers, mini-split systems, duct sealing, indoor air quality, and a complete range of electrical issues.

Our BBB-accredited company is certified by the NCI, the BPI, and ENERGY STAR. We know how to assess the energy efficiency and reliability of furnaces before installing them in our clients’ homes. We’ve been assisting people in Raleigh and throughout the Triangle for over 20 years, and we’re eager to help you. Call us at Thermo Direct today to arrange an appointment.

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