If you’re like most homeowners these days, you’re noticing the many ways that heat pumps in Cary, NC, and throughout the country, even the world, are becoming the favorite HVAC solution. Heat pump repair is similar to other compressor-based equipment, and efficiency is outstanding.

At Thermo Direct, our transition to heat pumps for our customers is often straightforward: retiring the furnace and upgrading an AC unit with a dual-purpose heating and cooling one. With additional operations during the year, multiple maintenance visits are recommended, but only for one unit!

If you’re considering new heat pumps, we can review performance, features, and capacity with you, including technology like variable speed compressors. Let’s talk about energy-saving advanced controls, and ductwork updates including repairs and sealing, or even zoned ducts. We’ll make sure you’re getting the most that heat pumps can offer you!