Thermo Direct is top-rated and trusted locally to deliver drain cleaning in Durham, NC. We also provide drain repair services when something is wrong with your drainage system. Cleaning a drain to a professional standard is no mean feat.

One needs the right tools and experience to avoid making a mess. Trying to clean your own drain is not a wise idea, as it’s hard and dirty work. Luckily, Thermo Direct is here to help and has ample experience in this specialized niche. We diagnose the problem with your drains before getting to work on cleaning and unblocking them.

If your drain is damaged through age or from blockages, we repair them and leave your septic system flowing freely. You should contact an expert the instant you notice a slow drain in your home. This is often the first sign that your drains need cleaning or repairing.

A slow drain indicates there is debris or a blockage in your system. Without the right tools and equipment, you wouldn’t find the blockage let alone remove it. Our team is on hand the next time you have a drainage emergency.