Wiring Services in Raleigh, NC
October 18

Does Your House Have Knob-and-Tube Wiring?

Over the years, electrical wiring has undergone a lot of changes. While modern homes mostly use flexible wires covered in a protective coating, older homes… View Article Read More

September 14

Thermo Direct – Guide on Understanding Your Electric Meter

Electricity indisputably plays a key role in our daily lives. Yet, many of us take for granted the technology that measures our electricity consumption: the… View Article Read More

August 21

Is It a Good Idea to Keep Your Porch Light on at Night?

For many years, plenty of homeowners subscribed to the conventional wisdom that it was a good idea to keep their porch light on at night…. View Article Read More

EV Installation in Raleigh, NC
July 24

Plugging Into the Benefits of Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Technology is constantly changing, so why not change how you travel? Installing an EV charging station in your home is one of the easiest ways… View Article Read More

Electrical Safety in Raleigh, NC
June 21

The Power of Safety Within GCFI Technology

You and your family depend on wall receptacles to power today’s lifestyles, but providing safe electricity is usually an afterthought. Electricity can be tricky, with… View Article Read More

Electrical Outlet Repair in Raleigh, NC
May 15

Electrical Outlet Problems and Prevention Tips

Electrical problems in outlets are common. Outlets can easily get overused, leading to unsafe wiring and potential hazards. Luckily, several ways exist to check for… View Article Read More

Light Switch Repair and Replacement in Greensboro, NC
April 3

10 Common Warning Signs of a Bad Light Switch

A light switch is a small yet key component of a home. Light switches are something you use multiple times a day. A malfunctioning light… View Article Read More

Electric Safety in Raleigh, NC
March 10

10 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Using Extension Cords

Extension cords can lend to both function and aesthetics in your Raleigh, North Carolina home. If you want to plug a personal device in but… View Article Read More

Home in Raleigh, NC
February 2

Is Routine Generator Maintenance Necessary?

Having a backup generator to power your home or business is crucial in the event of a blackout. They ensure that you will have power… View Article Read More

Electrical Repair in Raleigh, NC
January 4

5 Benefits of Getting Regular Home Electrical Inspections

Your home’s electrical system is fascinating. This system allows you to refrigerate and prepare foods, watch streaming services, light up the darkness in the yard,… View Article Read More