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Your home’s air conditioner is one of the many appliances that you can easily turn a blind eye to and feel as if it can be relied on whenever called upon. As many people find out, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

So what exactly is air conditioning? Air conditioning is the process of removing heat from a specific area, cooling the air, and then removing the humidity that currently exists. This process helps homes all across Wake County, NC, achieve a more desirable indoor temperature for everyone living inside. An air conditioning system is also an important machine for numerous businesses in Wake County, NC, and the surrounding areas. Without the proper air conditioning, your workers may have trouble comfortably conducting their days.

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We proudly provide professional AC service to customers in:

  • Raleigh, NC
  • Cary, NC
  • Clayton, NC
  • Apex, NC
  • And many other surrounding areas.

How Can I Know if My Home is Being Properly Cooled?

With frequent and heavy use, air conditioning systems are prone to break. There are countless issues that could lead to an AC malfunction, and this is thanks to the collaborative relationship between all the individual parts of an AC system. If the air conditioner in your home is not operating properly, it could mean that the sensor or thermostat is not working correctly. There is also the possibility that the motor or compressor inside your system has stopped working. A dirty filter or evaporator is another telltale reason that could cause the quality of the air in your home to deteriorate.

No matter the type of issue that leads to you needing AC service from one of the area’s reputable air conditioning companies, everybody can agree that suffering in the heat is no fun. Knowing a company like Thermo Direct, which has trained technicians who provide superior and trustworthy air conditioning service, gives customers peace of mind that their air conditioner will be properly cared for. Our team makes sure that the job is done right the first time so you can enjoy optimal comfort during the hottest days of the year.

Maybe the only air conditioning service you could be in need of is a simple cleaning to get things back up and running smoothly? Perhaps some parts need to be totally replaced? If the AC service problem seems to be beyond repair, an AC replacement could be the best option. If this is the case, our team of AC technicians will explain to you the differences between the various types of AC systems and figure out which one is best fit to suit the needs of your household.

Ultimately, when you need one of the best air conditioning companies in the Wake County, NC, area to come out and provide air conditioning service, remember to contact Thermo Direct. We are able to help when a customer needs AC installations in Raleigh, NC, AC repairs in Apex, NC, AC maintenance in Clayton, NC, or 24/7 air conditioning service in Cary, NC. Call 919-662-4112!

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We offer 24/7 Emergency Service to all of our customers. You can always count on Thermo Direct to get to you fast and get the job done right the first time. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your heating and air conditioning problems and fix them fast.

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