Holiday lighting gets everyone in the holiday spirit. But unsafe practices and elevated power bills could put a damper on your festivities. Stay safe and save money with these tips.

Measure First
How many trips to the store do you end up making before you complete your holiday decorating? This year, measure first. Use this holiday light calculator to get the specifics on how many lights you’ll need to line your home or wrap your trees.

Use LED Lighting
Incandescent holiday lights are being phased out. LED lights are becoming more popular because they’re safer and save energy. Incandescent lights use about six times more power than strands of LEDs. Swap them for LEDs this year, and you might not notice a significant increase in your energy bill. Plus, LEDs don’t get hot, which makes them safer for the tree.

Try Solar Lights
Solar lights can be placed anywhere. You don’t have to worry about installing them near an outlet or finding the right extension cord. They’re not as bright as electric strings of lights, though. Use them to accent smaller trees or trim intricate areas.

Don’t Use Staples
Although you might be tempted to use a staple gun to secure your lights to the house, it’s not a safe option. The metal staples can pose an electrocution hazard. Avoid unnecessary risk by using light clips along your gutters instead.

Use Spotlights
Measuring and stringing lights around your house can get tedious. If you can’t stand the monotony of the task, use a spotlight or two instead. You can use a white light to draw attention to your yard inflatables or the ornaments on your oak tree. Colorful, patterned spotlights add extra pizzazz and turn your walls into art.

If you have any Clark Griswold moments while you’re setting up your holiday lighting extravaganza, contact Thermo Direct. You don’t want all of your hard work to be left in the dark.

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