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Raleigh Heating Installation

Is It Time to Replace Your Heater?

The lifespan of a heating system furnace is finite. Depending on its frequency of use and level of upkeep and maintenance, it can last for anywhere from 13 to 20 years, with about 15 years being the average.

In some cases, a customer’s furnace may be too old, outdated, or simply too worn down to continue keeping the entire house warm and comfortable. For these households who require a replacement, we offer a number of high-quality furnaces in a variety of styles to fit any home’s design and specific needs.

Not only can Thermo Direct provide you with a high-tech furnace that’ll keep your family warm for years to come, but we can professionally install it, too. In fact, our skilled team of professional installers can come to your home or office and replace and install your existing furnace with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

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Biggest Benefits of a New Heater

Stop paying higher utility bills for a heater that does not give sufficient heat. Instead, seek help from our professional heating technicians. We can try to repair the problem with your heater or help you replace the unit.

A new heater offers several benefits including:

  • Energy efficiency – New models of heating appliances are designed to be energy efficient all the time, whether you are installing a furnace or a foil heater.
  • Lower bills – With the energy-saving nature of newer appliances, your bills will be lower monthly, saving you money in the long run.
  • Fewer repairs – Newer appliances tend to run more effectively than their older counterparts, thus diminishing your need for HVAC repairs.
  • Warmer home – All of these factors come together to bring you your warmest and happiest home this winter.

Whether you are interested in a furnace, heat pump, or any other types of heater, our technicians can fully explain to you the pros and cons and make sure you’re getting an equipment that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Allow the Thermo Direct HVAC technicians to warm up your home today. Give us a call for proper heater installation in Raleigh.

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