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Change Your Home's Air Filter: Very Important

With your air conditioner blasting during these hot North Carolina summers, it is important to remember to change your air filter. Energy Star recommends changing your air filter every month, especially during the summer time or when your HVAC unit gets the most use (during the winter season too.) Yet, at the minimum, you should be changing your air filter at least every 3 months.

4 Benefits of Replacing your Air Filter

1. Your HVAC Unit Will Last Longer

As we deal with failing heating and air conditioning systems everyday, many of them break down because of dirty filters. If the air can’t pass, the system will overheat– the motor has to work harder — and you can expect, in the least, to have to get some repairs. If you have an older unit, the simplest thing, like not replacing your air filter, can push your unit over the edge, meaning you have to buy a new one.

2. Pay Less on Your Energy Bills

As previously mentioned in #1, when the filter is clogged, the motor works harder and more energy is used to make your home the desired temperature (if it is even achieving the desired temperature). By changing your filter regularly, you can save anywhere from 5-15% on your utility bills.

3. Breathe Cleaner Air

The very function of an air filter is to keep your air quality high. It filters out the pollutants and particles that can cause health issues down the road. Having a new filter regularly will help you or family members that suffer from asthma or allergies.

4. Keep Your HVAC Unit Clean

When dirt starts to collect in your air conditioner and heating system, the entire HVAC unit will be polluted. This all leads to more repairs and breakage down the road.