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Transparent Pricing

Upfront, Honest Prices from the Raleigh HVAC Service Experts

At Thermo Direct, we understand the frustration many people have with hiring a professional to fix the issues they’re having with their heating and cooling system. You might be quoted one price, but when the final bill comes, the actual cost is significantly higher because of a bunch of hidden fees and costs that your technician didn’t tell you about in your initial quote.

We get it—this is frustrating, annoying, and leaves a sour taste in your mouth as a homeowner. That’s why at ThermoDirect, we simply don’t do it. We’re completely upfront and transparent with our pricing: you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying before we ever get started, and what each and every cost on your final bill will be. No more surprises on the bill, no more unexpected out-of-pocket costs, and that means no more stress or anxiety about getting your HVAC equipment repaired when you need it most.

How It Works

At Thermo Direct, we break each job down into one of three categories: standard repairs or minor installations, major electrical tasks, and major heating and cooling tasks. Minor services are your general services like installing a new light switch and outlet, or a minor repair on your air conditioner. Major electrical repairs are things like electrical remodels, breaker panel replacements, and other large jobs that take a considerable amount of extra time and labor. Major heating and cooling repairs are jobs like major component replacements or even a complete system replacement.

Here’s how our pricing breaks down:

  • Minor services: $199 + parts and materials
  • Major electrical services: $499 + parts and materials
  • Major heating & cooling services: $599 + parts and materials

Unlike the other guys, we’re upfront with how much the parts and materials to complete the job will cost as well. We’ll tell you how much it costs for that light switch, socket, wire, and other hardware needed to complete the mounting and installation will cost right from the outset. We never inflate the cost of parts or materials, either: you’ll pay what you expect to pay from a licensed part supplier. We want to make sure you get the parts and components you can depend on without the frustrating and often-hidden markup from the other guys.

A Sample Job

Let’s look at a sample visit. Say your air conditioner has stopped working and we diagnose the issue as a faulty blower motor. You’ll pay no diagnostic fee*, $199 for the standard job fee, and $115 for the cost of your new blower motor. That means you’ll pay $314 for the job. The other guys? With the hidden costs and fees, you could pay as much as $500 or more!

Worried about how serious your job may be? At Thermo Direct, 85 percent of the jobs we do are serviced at the $199 standard job level. This ensures you’ll only pay fair-market value for the expert repairs and services you need for your home.

Multiple Jobs? No Problem!

Do you need multiple things done in your home? You’ll save even more! Any additional standard repairs that we perform after the first repair are only $99 plus the cost of parts! That’s a 50 percent savings on labor for each additional standard repair beyond the first job!

Happy Home Membership Pricing

Happy Home Members enjoy an even greater savings! As a member of the Happy Home maintenance plan, you’ll pay absolutely nothing in diagnostic fees when we come to service your home, and you’ll even receive an additional discount for each standard repair task! That means you could save hundreds on the cost of your repair as a member.

Don’t wait! Call Thermo Direct at (919) 355-9880 today to request a quote or schedule your service appointment for your home!

*Thermo Direct waives diagnostic fees when work is performed. If we diagnose the problem but work is not performed, diagnostics are subject to a $99 charge.

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  • “Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate you all!”

    Jackie L.

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    Kim E.

  • “They were very responsive.”

    S Phillips

  • “The workers needed no supervision if you will every man knew his job and we did not see on slacker in the group! What a company!”

    Beverly G.

  • “Thermo Direct is very professional and suggests the better things to do.”

    Alvin & Sandra R.

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    James K.

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    Howard C.

  • “Thermo Direct was wonderful. They came out and did an excellent job.”

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  • “Even though my HVAC knowledge was limited he systematically explained every step.”

    Karon F.