Save Money by Programming Your Thermostat for Winter

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program your home thermostat

Saving on heating and cooling costs often means extra money in the bank as well as a healthier environment. One reliable way to pare down your heating and cooling use is through a programmable thermostat that ensures you’re not wasting precious energy dollars. By installing and using either a standard programmable thermostat or the newer smart version, which you can control remotely via smartphone, you can save up to $180 annually on your utility bills, according to Energy Star. If you worry that your family will suffer discomfort due to a cooler home environment in winter, adopt some easy strategies that make saving energy a virtually pain-free gain. 

The One-Degree-a-Week Method 

Adjusting your air temperature by a degree each week is a painless way to acclimate your family to the change. Say that you’re used to a constant 72 degrees in your home. Once you get your new programmable thermostat, set it at 72 to start. Then, lower that level by a single degree every seven days until you reach the temperature that makes sense for comfort as well as savings. If you can manage a five to eight degree decrease, or between 64 and 68 degrees when the family is at home, you’ll make the greatest impact on your utility bills, but even a couple of degrees makes a difference. 

Time Zone Settings for Savings 

Programmable controllers come preset for four times of day. Yours should have the following settings ready to go: 

1. Wake-up 
2. Daytime when the family is away at work or school 
3. Evening when people return home 
4. Sleep 

The pre-sets for wake-up and evening will typically be 70 degrees while those for daytime and sleep will be 62 or lower. If the pre-settings work for your family, that’s great, but don’t hesitate to tweak them as necessary to achieve your comfort and energy savings goals. 

Tips and Tricks for Programmable Thermostats 

  • Maximize your winter energy savings by setting time zones of at least eight hours each.
  • Help your family acclimate to slightly cooler indoor temperatures by encouraging them to layer clothing, wear slippers in the house and drink hot beverages.
  • Help your home heating system work more efficiently by closing doors and heating vents in unused areas.
  • Use the temporary override on your thermostat as necessary to keep your family comfortable. The setting will revert to program when the next time zone kicks in.
  • When your family will be away for a few days or more, use the vacation hold feature that keeps your home at a lower but constant temperature.

Thermo Direct Can Help 

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