Office Air Conditioning May Be Too Cold For Women

Air Conditioning in the office affects women more

This seems all to common in some offices, where some women are bundled up in sweaters and blankets during the middle of the summer. And, a lot of the time, they are told “it’s all in your head.” A recent study published in the Journal of Nature Climate Change suggests that normal office temperatures are based in the 1960s, where a majority of the workers were 40 year old men.

Women Give Off Less Heat and Are Usually Colder

Today, with the work force being roughly 50% female and 50% male, it is important that we reevaluate office temperatures to suit both working men and women. Dr. Devi Namplaparampil from the New York University School of Medicine notes “Women tend to have lower basal metabolic rates, so they tend to burn off energy a lot slower… They actually give off less heat than men, so they tend to be colder.”

What is the Best Temperature in the Office?

Many women find themselves needing to take breaks outside to thaw out after being in the air conditioned office. Also, a study published by the New York Times reveals that people make more mistakes when the office temperature is between 68-72 degrees, compared to a temperature between 74 and 76.

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