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Change Your Home’s Air Filter: Very Important

With your air conditioner blasting during these hot North Carolina summers, it is important to remember to change your air filter. Energy Star recommends changing your air filter every month, especially during the summer time or when your HVAC unit gets the most use (during the winter season too.) Yet, at the minimum, you should…

Homes Before Air Conditioning: What Did They Do?

Before Air Conditioning AC HVAC

Today, when we think of our homes, many people assume that their some sort of air conditioning unit will be in place to keep you cool during the hot Raleigh summers. Yet, air conditioning was invented in the 1920s and many people didn’t even have it installed into their homes until the late 20th century!…

Office Air Conditioning May Be Too Cold For Women

Air Conditioning in the office affects women more

This seems all to common in some offices, where some women are bundled up in sweaters and blankets during the middle of the summer. And, a lot of the time, they are told “it’s all in your head.” A recent study published in the Journal of Nature Climate Change suggests that normal office temperatures are…

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